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Our terpenes are extracted from cannabis directly and without the use of solvents. They also have less than 10 parts per million (ppm) of THC therefore they are considered legal and safe for use in products without restriction.

​Unlike terpenes extracted from botanical sources that are mixed to recreate a “cannabis-like” profile, our terpenes are actually extracted from the cannabis plant, and therefore have a much more complex, rich and unique profile that differs significantly.

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What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic organic compounds found in a wide variety of plants, including cannabis. They are responsible for the different aromas and flavors found in plants, such as citrus, pine, mint, lavender, and many others. In addition to their role in aroma, terpenes can also have therapeutic effects and modulate the effects of other compounds present in cannabis, such as cannabinoids.
Terpenes have antiviral, antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to being stimulators of glandular functions.
lares and interfere with the release of dopamine and serotonin.

How are they used?

Our terpenes are food grade therefore they can be incorporated as an innovative ingredient into products in the food and beverage industry. Furthermore, terpenes are a trend in the cosmetics market. They have the great capacity to be applied in various cosmetic formulas, providing new opportunities to the industry, thanks to their aromatic properties and therapeutic benefits. 
Another of its possible uses is in the area of aromatherapy. They can be used in various treatments, in a non-invasive and totally natural way.


Some examples of products infused with terpenes that are trending: 

> Vaping cartridges to improve the flavor and aroma of vapor.

> Edibles such as gummies, chocolates, baked goods and drinks such as beers, energizers, flavored waters, etc.

> Tinctures and oils to enhance their therapeutic benefits and provide a more complete experience.

> Topical products such as lotions and creams to provide localized relief and a pleasant scent.

> Bath products such as bath salts and bath bombs to provide a relaxing and aromatic experience.

> Concentrates: Terpenes extracted from cannabis are reintroduced into concentrates such as shatter, wax and budder to improve their flavor profiles.

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Our bulk extracts are exceptional options for businesses looking to formulate high-quality CBD or other cannabinoid-based products. 
Our CBD distillate undergoes an advanced distillation process to eliminate impurities and obtain a highly concentrated and pure product. On the other hand, our CBD isolate (isolate) is a pure crystalline form of CBD that contains only this compound, without other cannabinoids or plant components. 
Both extracts undergo rigorous quality controls to guarantee their potency and purity. We have custom packaging options and competitive prices.

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We have bulk presentations (1 L, 5 L and 20L) of our Full Spectrum and THC free oils. Our bulk products offer, in addition to a lower cost per unit, packaging flexibility, quality control and product customization, as well as constant availability for our customers. 


If you are interested or have questions, contact us!

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