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Services for producers



It means that we develop the products, package them with your brand and send them to you so that you only have to worry about making room for them in your catalog, since we also offer you a support and advisory service throughout the process (management of permits and certificates , logistics, marketing, etc.). And if you still don't have a brand and are looking to get started in the business with cannabis-derived products, we provide you with a brand development service tailored to you.

We believe that a solid value chain is built between all the parts that make it up. That is why in addition to our commercial positioning strategy at a regional and international level, we also focus on supporting raw material producers.

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Our extraction service is ideal for producers who have hemp biomass stock and are looking for a comprehensive and efficient solution to value it. 

In addition to expanding marketing expectations, the extraction of biomass allows reducing storage costs since the volume is significantly reduced.

Our team will be in charge of the entire process, from receiving the biomass to obtaining the final product that the client desires (crude extract, distillate, or final oil).

If you are interested or have questions, contact us!

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